"Some of us know what we want to be when we grow up, and some of us are on a constant journey of knowing. Whichever it is for you, I hope it captivates you."


For me, it was love at first sight. I was captivated the minute my friend dangled a beautiful strand of marine blue silk yarn before my eyes.


My journey in knitting began several years ago, and I’ve had a love affair with the needles and the yarns that caress them ever since. But until recently, knitting was something that I had done in the background of my life; it was the hobby I pursued in my free time after family, work and friends.


All that changed in 2012 when I had to undergo re-constructive surgery due to chemo and radiation therapy I received when I was two years old. While I had survived a rare childhood cancer, the treatments I received in the 1970's had a major impact on my adult body—what are called the “after effects.” Although my doctors expected me to recover within a month of surgery, I found myself on bed rest for four months, unable to walk or even sit in a chair comfortably. The only part of my body I could use without major pain was my hands.


And so my journey into knitwear design began. I started by revisiting the TKGA Level 1 Master Knitting submission that had been abandoned in my craft closet two years earlier. I completed the program and found that tucked away in my binder were various sketches of garments. Feeling inspired, I began sketching and designing hand knits. I also enrolled in the Otis College Fashion Design Continuing Education program.

Cancer forever changed how I see the world and how I experience my body. It is both strong and fragile; it is a beautiful, resilient masterpiece.


While I could look at my life as a series of limitations brought on by cancer, I chose instead to focus on the limitless. Creativity knows no boundaries. My designs are impacted by the disease I survived as a child and the after effects I still manage in my adult life. I want people to feel free and beautiful in their bodies. I want the touch and feel of the garment to mimic the amazing masterpiece that is your body. I want knitters who embark on the journey of knitting one of my designs to feel supported and uplifted. The goal, after all, is to go beyond survival, to live the fullest life possible, and to unleash our creativity into the world.


Knotty Bebe is a community of knitters built on the principle that anything is possible. We should never feel bound by our current limitations; what we don’t know is our next big discovery waiting to happen. Each pattern on our site features knitting videos with helpful tips and tricks to take you from cast on to bind off and beyond. We are here to make your knitting experience as pleasant and inspiring as the first day you picked up the needles and cast on!


The journey begins here. So, what are you waiting for?


Happy knitting,

Bebe Thomas


Cassi Bari is a talented young fiber artist who was introduced to the world of knitting during her first pregnancy. I met Cassi after a friend saw her knitting at a conference. In the words of my friend Marissa, “I just met the fastest knitter EVER and I asked if she could test knit for you.” Marissa is a natural connector and after hearing me complain about how slow the process is to design and then hand knit your own pieces, she decided to introduce us to each other.


I was very eager to work with Cassie after seeing her garments. I was even more convinced that I wanted to work with her after hearing her testimony. Cassie’s first pregnancy was at age 15 and she was removed from her family, friends and even from school. It was an extremely difficult time as you can imagine. Seeing her go through this struggle, a very compassionate teacher handed her several skeins of golden yarn and a crochet hook.


Never underestimate the power of teachers. This simple act changed her life. Knitting has helped Cassie through some of the most challenging times: through her first pregnancy, through domestic violence, through divorce and ultimately to freedom.


I continue to be inspired by her creativity and her passion for the art of knitting. We are so happy to have her part of the Knotty Bebe family!